Ran across this individual several time in the past and heard about his business practices from practically half of Anchorage, Alaska. Well finally I had a chance to see what his business practices were really like personally.

This Guy "Wes" Wesley Nakamoto us a straight crook and *** artist... After doing my research... His mother and father live in Las Vegas and he drives a silver Range Rover. He says he owns the Artic Tern Inn Downtown Anchorage and another hotel I found he is trying to still from poor old guy out of the lower 48....

Wesley has been in every Anchorage Alaska Realty Disciplinary action known to the codes and compliance of the state of Alaska. He has taken half of anchorage residence for their money...He prays on desperate people in need of a home and does no credit report but rents them something that I would have my dog live in... A total dump and dive....He does not own any of these hotels but tries claims he does own all of them.... If you go to anyone in the hotel industry in Anchorage Alaska. Hotel owners ovoid him like the plague. Be aware of the Hotel he is involved in... Even though he is involved in them, he is not the owner, he is usually an investor that invest small amounts of money through time and then tries to *** the owner out of money... I am talking to one owner in Seattle who seems to be afraid of letting him get out of his business but Wesley has milk his bank account dry...

This is a list of properties I found in Anchorage... He is associated with Beware:


I am doing more research everyday on this guy... He also has claimed to be an Army Ranger... I found no traces of him being in the Army at all never the less being a Ranger...I am a former Ranger Myself and everyone knows we all know each other in some form or another and nobody knows him from anyone of my contacts... I have also contacted a friend in CID and no traces of him exist in the Army at all... Another ***... Huh

His Son runs Yomoto Ya in Anchorage and his Daughter from what I see lives in California and travels a lot to Hawaii...

I have several Law Enforcement Agencies in Alaska and I do know of two on going investigation of embezzlement and theft...

This person is not to be trusted at all and my advice is not to do any business with him.... Some More Complaints...



  • Artic Tern Inn Anchorage Alaska
  • Downtown Anchorage Hotel
  • Rental Properties in Anchorage
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If every Government agency knows his bad business practices then he wouldn't be in business. Got a problem?

Then take it to court. Make it legit or stop talking.

Anchorage, Alaska, United States #928086

Wow. How do you know all about this?

Do you know where I can find him? What time does he go to the Alaska Club?


Man This guy is a piece of work. Every Government agency in Anchorage knows about his bad business practices.

I would advise people to stay away from him doing business.

He makes everything sound so inviting and easy then his real objective is to *** in the end... WATCH OUT

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